Monday, October 13, 2008

Pedala - Messengers with a Cause

I got this flyer in my email about a month ago and instantly thought it was a great idea because I am always 10 days behind on my chores, and I don't have my own car. When I need to travel far to do my chores, I always have to bug either my brother or my boyfriend.

So the next chance I got, I tried out the Pedala messenger service - and they did not disappoint.

I gave them a simple task at first - to pick up my Hands On Manila t-shirts from their office along Chino Roces Ave. and deliver them to my office in Rufino Tower. The lady who took my details was really nice, and my stuff arrived just a little later than the designated time (which was understood kasi naki-singit lang ako sa schedule ng Makati messenger nila! Heheh... so I won't count that against them.) It's best to call and schedule a day ahead, especially if your package needs to be delivered / picked-up at a specific time.

Such a great convenience for only P50 one-way pick-up and drop-off, and P70 for roundtrip return. Yes, those are inter-city rates already! Amazing, right? And it doesn't hurt that they are also advocating an environmental cause by using bicycles instead of motorcycles to help minimize gas consumption and dangerous emissions!

Their mobile number is now saved on my phonebook and I'm already eyeing them for my Christmas deliveries! I wonder what their limitations are when it comes to delivering packages...

And if you're a non-profit organization like us over at the World Youth Alliance, we're operating on tight budgets and can't afford to employ our own company messengers. So it's good to know that there's a Pedala we can count on whenever the need arises.

"Pedala is a company of bike messengers joined together to fulfill your personalized delivery needs without the fumes."

To book a Pedala messenger, call/text
0920.698.7777 or email


  1. This is a good idea. Thanks for sharing. Is there a sort of contract guaranteeing the delivery?

  2. Hey em_dy, I've never asked for one before so I don't know if they have. Whenever I need something, I just send a text message to the number and they take care of it for me. So far, the past 2 times I've used them, they've been very reliable.

    Try emailing / calling them to check if they do. Otherwise, you should recommend this to them. I'm sure they'd get more customers if they offered such a contract!