Monday, August 9, 2010

R2R's The Tree Bag Project reaches Cebu's ANTHILL Fabric Gallery

A message from ANTHILL Fabric Gallery:

The tree bag project is ANTHILL's first collaboration with the highly innovative and respected fellow social enterprise, Rags2Riches Inc.

RIIR gave ANTHILL the opportunity to have its first sustainable project for our 15 weavers in Bangued, Abra. This tree bags extends its reach not only to them but also to the R2R Nanays of Payatas (colored braided rug handle), the Woodcarvers of Pardo, Cebu (wooden buttons and rings) and the seamstresses of Minglanilla, Cebu (body assembly).

RIIR sees to it that in every tree bag you carry, a tree is planted to fill a watershed project!

RIIR has been an inspiration, a source of positive influence and a social enterprise model to ANTHILL as we move forward in pursuing growth and our cultural preservation advocacies especially among our indigenous communities.

Rags2Riches and the tree bag breathes life to our Indie Workers Trail!

Thank you R2R! :)


You carry an intricately handcrafted bag made from recycled scrap thread rigorously hand loomed in Kantinares pattern by the indigenous women of Bangued, Abra. These women celebrate their Tingguian origin by continuing their living traditions of fabric weaving in the hopes of passing it on to younger generations. Their valued skill is also the source of their sustenance. Despite aching backs and cramped up space, these women choose to work in the bounds of their homes for they are first loving mothers to their children and caring wives to their husbands. They finish an average of 5 meters a day on antique looms while juggling household chores and putting food on the table. Though Tinngians now wear contemporary clothing and live like their neighboring Ilocanos, the core of their social and cultural world retains its indigenous flavor.

The wood craftsmen belonging to a small urban community in Pardo, Cebu City shape these perfect cut wooden rings and hand carved buttons out of native wood. Each letter is carefully chiseled creating that embossed effect with a raw finish. Working with wood have taken these men out of their idle mood in the streets transforming them into responsible fathers aiming to provide better for their families.

ANTHILL Fabric Gallery is a socially responsible business where culture meets style. Through our Indie Workers Trail, we advocate the preservation and promotion of weaving traditions in the Philippines, providing indigenous groups, local artists and craftsmen market access that in turn will cultivate heritage and support livelihood. In every purchase, you help sustain a life! Here's one sustainable totes for the earth-conscious shopper!

Thank you for sharing our advocacy!

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