Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Switch - Goodmaid Bio Dishwashing Liquid

Earlier I blogged about my new experiment called "The Switch" which is basically an effort to switch, one item at a time, to more sustainable and environment-friendly products. So here’s the first household switch – from regular to natural, biodegradable dishwashing liquid.

I spotted this Goodmaid Bio Natural Skin Moisturizing Dishwashing Liquid by Good Maid at SM Supermarket.

What initially caught my attention was the “Bio” design on the cover with the little vines and leaf-like images on the logo. These days anything with a green logo and leaves is a pretty good sign that the product has an environmental angle.

So I looked closer at the label -–
“100% Natural Active Ingredients”
“Environment Friendly”

Reading those words on the label, I thought “looks promising!”.

But of course, being Filipina, I pick up the bottle, open the cap and smell the stuff. I am one of the many Filipinas who think that if my plates and glasses don’t smell good, they don’t really completely feel clean enough!

There were two scents available: Lemon and Peach. I think I found the lemon one too common, so I picked up a bottle of peach and dumped it in my shopping basket.

There was a moment of slight hesitation – you know when you put your hands on the handle of the shopping cart but don’t quite push and walk away from the aisle. The bottle cost almost P200 – a big jump from my usual P20 sachet of dishwashing liquid. But then, this was a 1 Liter bottle of biodegradable, environment-friendly dishwashing concentrate. On a price-per-mL basis, it’s probably not that much more expensive. It was just a little bit of an adjustment to cash out so much in one go for an item you’re used to spending so little on.

By the way -- the label promised that it would be skin moisturizing. I had not expected that a biodegradable soap can afford to have moisturizing benefits. So that was definitely a plus.


After using it for two weeks I found that the Bio dishwashing liquid cleans just as well as my old brand, is less drying on the skin, and I quite enjoy the unique yet mild peach scent. It’s a good concentrate, one drop can really go a long way.

Admittedly I don’t do any real cooking at home, so I can’t vouch for its heavy-duty grease-cutting skills. Though it did do well to clean up my mess from basic pan-frying.

The verdict -– good purchase!

Will I buy it again? Yes, if after some research it and the company behind it really checks out.


Front label says:
100%* Natural Active IngredientsNatural Skin Moisturizing / With Vitamin EBiodegradable / Environment FriendlyGentle on hands but tough on grease

The back label says:
“Goodmaid Bio is specially formulated for the health conscious. Its active ingredients are derived from corn, palm oil and other plants, making it 100% natural. Removes tough grease effectively, while Vitamin E gives you that extra moisturizing effect to care for your hands. It’s biodegradable and environment-friendly, with refreshing Peach fragrance.”

100% Natural Active Ingredients*, Vitamin E, Fragrance

What got me curious was how there is an * next to the “100% Natural” each time it’s mentioned on the label, and yet I could not hunt down the fine print that explains the *. I’ve been working in advertising long enough to know that when you see an *, you look for the fine print! So I guess that’s a big minus for Goodmaid Bio.


This product is made by Goodmaid Chemicals Corporation, based in Malaysia. It develops personal and industrial cleaning products, with "Goodmaid Bio" as one of their brands under the household cleaning product line. Their website only lists three kinds of products under the Goodmaid Bio brand - dishwasing liquid, veggie wash and fabric softener. All products are made with 100% natural active ingredients and are biodegradable.

Goodmaid Chemicals Corp. Sdn. BHD.
Lot 27B, Loring Bunga, Tanjung 3/1Senawang Industrial Park,
70400 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan  
Tel: +606 677 1337


I cannot seem to find any good websites that offer a simplified explanation of why we need to switch to biodegradable soaps and detergents, but you can try reading the ones here, here and here for a bit of explanation.

I guess I'll have to come back and update this entry once I find a credible source.



  1. Hi Emily,

    I've just bought this. What troubles me is the lack of a list of ingredients - there is very little industry regulation here in Malaysia - plus its price is the same as a cheap non-eco brand. The site seems to be down at the moment so I don't even know what they are saying about themselves. Have you found out anything else about these guys?



  2. Hi Ping,

    Thanks for sharing what you know about industry regulation in Malaysia. You made me realize it would be good to look also into industry regulation standards in the country where the product is from to see how trustworthy their labels could be.

    No, even the website has no specific list of ingredients. I also had the same concern when I mentioned how the "*" in their label never leads to any further explanation. Maybe I should email them and ask..

    Thanks for being as concerned. Being someone from the advertising industry before, I know how important it is that people look at the fine print and not take things at face value. So happy to know there are other people, such as yourself, who are willing to take the time to do so!


  3. Hah! I know :) I tried looking for where the asterisk led to too!

    To be fair, it could be just lack of education as to how one markets a product. "100% Natural Active Ingredients" is pretty meaningless - it could describe raw crude oil. What's clear is that "green" isn't something the company buys into as a philosophy but is an alternative alongside their other products, but that's how most people live & I'd still support any local business willing to make the effort.

    I'd be interested to see if you get a response to writing. The site took so long to open that the "not responding" message kept on popping up before I got an email. The back of the bottle has a phone number but I didn't feel like calling.

    Thanks for writing back!