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The Miracle Machine: Whipping Up 12 Miracles in 12 Days

As far as corporate social responsibility an charity projects go, the Miracle Machine by seems to be one of the most fun. Starting from the concept of "12 miracles in 12 days" to the Facebook app by which you sign up and all the way down to the selection of activities.

There is nothing I like better than people doing good who also know how to dream big. 12 miracles in 12 days - sound ambitious? Yes, actually it is. But I have seen it happen time and again. With Hands On Servathon, with Earth Hour, with Habitat for Humanity's Build Blitz. And now this time around, with Miracle Machine.

The magic ingredient for things like these has always been getting many individuals to pitch in. And with Miracle Machine's being Facebook-based app which is integrated into the posting and invite functions, I have very very high hopes for this one.


As their Facebook info page says:

"Miracle Whip is all about making good things happen. But this time, we've decided to whip up miracles outside of the kitchen.

The Miracle Machine is an online hub where people from all walks of life can come together and combine their resources to make miracles. Think of it as a social networking site or even YouTube but instead of status updates and comments, you get opportunities to extend a helping hand to those in need.

For the first phase, the Miracle Machine wishes to whip up 12 miracles in 12 days through Facebook. We hope to make one miracle happen a day for eleven straight dats. And on the 12th day, a fully functional miracle conduit is made available to organizations who need it and people with something to give.

If we get everyone to pitch in, we can show that as more people become part of Miracle Machine, we get t make more and more amazing things happen!"


Angelyn Wishes to Fly (Kythe)

Angelalyn Magalano is a 13-year old girl uffering from Nephrotic syndrome and Psoriasis. Her simple wish is to meet a pilot, talk about flying and maybe even ride a plane.

Noche Bueana in the Mountains (Jamboree Mountaineers and U Trek)

They need 100 Noche buena packs by December 2, and volunteers to visit Wawa, Montalban to deliver these to needy local residents of this community on December 11.

Part of their mission as mountaineers is to commune with the local communities they meet along the way up. For the holidays, the mountaineers would like for them to have their own Noche Buena feast in the mountains with everyone's help.

Underwear and Clothes for Street Kids (Childhope)

They need 300 pairs of new underwear as well as used clothes for street kids aged 7 to 16 years old by December 3.

It has always been their cause to end the suffering of street children in the country, providing the with underwear and clothing will help keep them warmer and more sanitary.

Groom Strays for Adoption (PAWS)

The dogs and cats under our care are just as friendly, as lovable, and as loyal like those pure breeds you find in pet shops. And with your help, they can be just as beautiful. Grooming is the first step in making them adoption-ready.

Book Drive and Drive (Kaeskwela)

Libraries of public schools in the ocutry, especially those in far-flung areas, are eprived of reading materials. the task is to collect books and deliver them to an elementary school in Antipolo to fill their empty bookshelves.

Supplies for PGH Medical Patients (Sagip Buhay)

They need 10 Blood Pressure Apparatus and 2 Digital Thermometers to replace the now banned Mercurial Thermometers for Philippine General Hospital's Medicine outpatient ward. And they're needed by December 6.

Sagip Buhay Medical Foundation seeks to provide medical care for those confined at the PGH Medical wards who don't have the means and access to proper healthcare. But they never have enough equipment and financial resource to accomodate those in need. That's where you come in.

Recycle Your Bicycle (Firefly Brigade and Tiklop Society)

Help collect 10 bikes and bike safety gear for our friends in urban communities. Many of them have jobs that entail going from one place to another. Bikes and bike safety gear can help them get to where they need to be faster and safer, allowing them to be more productive in their work.

Christmas Gifts for the Volunteers (Tahanang Walang Hagdan)

326 volunteers at Tahanang Walang Hadgan have selflessly devoted their time to the organization. So this Cristmas, Tahanang Walang Hagdan would like to express their gratitude and give back to the volunteers for working hard all year.

Tales for the Blind (Resource for the Blind)

They are looking for children's stories, storytellers, and voice talents to help with a recording on December 9.

Give Old Toys and Storybooks New Life (Museo Pambata)

They need new or old usable toys and storybooks for children aged 2 to 12 that they can share with 2,000 invited children during Museo Pambata's anniversary gift-giving activity. Be a blessing to them and pass on the joy you once received from your old toys.

Potluck Party for Underprivileged Kids (St. Martin de Porres)

St. Marti de Porres needs volunteers to spend a day to throw a potluck party for 100 underprivileged kids on December 11. They want the kids to experience the joy of Christmas by having Ates and Kuyas visit and spend a fun-filled day with them.

Whipping Up More Miracles

By making these miracles happen, we've shown what we can do when we get everyone to etend a elping hand. As more people become part of the Miracle Machine, we get to make more and more amazing things happen.

The Miracle Machine team has devised a way to make Whipping Up More Miracles easier, all year long.

Keep checking back regularly for updates.


The Miracle Machine is a Facebook app embedded in its own page. Click here to access the page, and here to access the app. (If the links aren't working, you can just search for "Miracle Machine" on Facebook.)

The page itself is constantly updated with announcements and different tips on how you can get involved.

To access the machine itself, look for the "Miracle Machine" tab right next to the "Discussions" tab.

Be sure to grant it permissions so that it can run properly.

Once you have the machine up and running, it will give you access to all 12 miracles so you can pitch in for the ones that are most interesting to you.


The beauty of Miracle Machine is that there is more than one (actually, even more than three!) ways to pitch in. At the most basic level, you can choose to volunteer, donate in kind, donate in cash, refer to friends, or share the miracle. For certain projects, there are even more ways to help out, so be sure to check out the details of the project you find interesting.

My recommendation? Volunteer for one, donate to another if you have the time and resrouces.

But even if you can't, you can always still share the news.

Recommend projects to people whom you think may be interested.

If you choose to recommend or invite friends to certain projects, the app is fully integrated into the invite function of Facebook, much like if you were inviting to an event. Except that it only gives you a cap of 6 invitees per send.

Share the Miracle.

When you click on "Share the Miracle", the machine automatically updates your status to let your friends know about the details of the project. And when they express their interest on your wall, lead them to the "Miracle Machine" page so they can check it out themselves.

Fifteen minutes on Facebook just to do this will go a really long way, so I really encourage you guys to share as many of the miracles as you can whether or not you are volunteering for it.


Got questions? You can email them directly at

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