Saturday, September 26, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy: Consolidated info on those stranded

Cainta Rizal

@Monja Delos Santos FB Repost - OS! Pregnant woman about to give birth stranded! 908 Aristotle St. Vista Verde Village,Cainta,Rizal - Regular contraction please repost or retweet

RT @ateneodemanilau #Ondoy: Repost: please send help over to 1296 Cambridge street, brookside hills subd. cainta. haven't heard from...

Via FB from Definitely Filipino If anyone can get thru to please send a rubber boat to Ang Arko, 116 Camia St, Bayanihan Village, Cainta. Its a home for severely handicapped children, they and their caregivers have been trapped on the 2nd floor with no food or electricity since 1 pm.

Marikina City

@Definitely Filipino FB a repost from Nadjie I Flores:
to those residing in 25 bismarck, provident village..i hav textd sen gordon...pero mas mahirap ata if anjan lng kayo s kisame...pls will somebody esp. An adult to go on the rooftop to be noticed by rescuers..

RT @ateneodemanilau #Ondoy: Please send rescue to 22 JP Rizal St., Kalumpang, Marikina City, where Ateneo basketball players Chris de...

RT from @gangbadoy Toyota Marikina roof has many people on it. Pls RT.
Repost from Mark Dy's FB:

From Pia:
If anyone can lend a jetski, oat or whatever to Provident please let us know. my friend (Caleen Chanyungco) along with her pregnant sister is stranded on their roof. Her address is 132 Columbia Street, Provident, marikina. A whole lot of famlies in those areas need help too.

From Paolo Dy's FB
PLEASE HELP! Arlene Lim-Farol, her two-year-old baby, her ailing father and 10 other people are still trapped on the rooftop of their two-story house, and water is still rising. Anybody please help! Their address is at 151 Harvard St., Provident Village, Marikina.

Forgot where this came from: @ateneodemanila ata:
Ondoy: Please send rescue boats to Rosas St., Twinvill Subdivision, Marikina. Families with small children aree...

@Ateneo de Manila University FB #Ondoy: Repost: Please help my Aunt, Nephew and Family. They are also in Provident Village. Exact address is #42 Melbourne St., Provident Village. We have no communication with them. We need to know if they're ok. We feel so helpless.. Please please help them.

Pasig City

@Ateneo de Manila University FB #Ondoy: Repost: Please send rescue to a group of 20 people on rooftop at 18 Meleguas St.,De Castro Subd., Pasig City. Floodwaters still rising. They're trapped since this pm, with small children, w/o food and water. thanks.

@Ateneo de Manila University FB #Ondoy: Repost: Please send a boat to rescue Bryan Conde and his family at 217 Metrogreen Village, Sta Lucia, Pasig. Floodwaters are rising and has already reached the 2nd floor Terrace level. Please help.

RT @ateneodemanilau #Ondoy: SOS from Fides Abad - Top Floor. 167, 10th Avenue, Riverside Village, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City. Brenda...

RT @ateneodemanilau #Ondoy: please send help over to 121-D Moscow Street, Green Park Village, Manggahan, Pasig City.

RT ateneodemanilau #Ondoy: Repost: Rescue needed: 141 C 6th st., countryside village, sta lucia, pasig city. My mom (09084255239) and...


RT @mlq3 RT @ageofbrillig: DZMM: 400 staff of Baptist Hospital in Pasig City in need of rescue. #ondoy

Quezon City

@Definitely Filipino FB: Assistance is needed @ Westriverside, San Francisco Del Monte Q.C. please report to send rescue teams to that area, there is a river there that overflowed...houses are flooded and underwater...

@Definitely Filipino FB
Friend of Terence Ang needs help. The lola of the family already passed away today as they were stuck in the roof since early lunch. 4 people stranded including a 2-year old girl. Benito "Benny" Tan 11-F Emerald St. Cypress Village, Q.C. 0920 9045853 0922 8292577 0917 8467659 0921 2685444 0917 8508386 Help needed! Please pass...


19 Kingwood, Vermont Royale, Marcos Highway, Antipolo. 1 year old Gian and yaya are trapped in the second floor of the house. 1st floor totally submerged in water. Malapit na daw sa second floor yung tubig.

RT @mlq3RT @owrange: RT @AllenYuarata: Students at PolyUPhil are STRANDED inside the campus. They are desper8ly askng for food.
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RT from @ateneodemanilau
Reposting: UERM: 200+ students are trapped and already at the 5th level of the building. Please contact...

From Chunnei Kaw:
My dentist friends from Visayas and Mindanao are having a convention in Manila and are now stranded inside the convention area. No food and drinks available. Can't go back to their hotels.
(Em: I think they're in SMX convention center.)

RT @gangbadoy
@Tulyahan Bridge, Valenzuela flooded also. Pls. inform Bulacan officials via RT or text if you know them.

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