Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So that we will never forget

It's been over a week since the Ondoy disaster, and many victims are still trying to pick up the pieces. At the same time, many are documenting what happened and recording the lessons that we have learned (or are still learning) from this experience.

While many are now debating proper waste disposal, regulation of building and city development, and disaster relief coordination, a few blogs have caught my attention because they chose to focus on a different story. I hope that after reading this post, all of you will choose to contribute to the first two blogs, and visit the third. Because with each entry you are helping to paint a more complete picture of what truly transpired, and capture the strength of the Filipino Spirit amidst these times.


"Ondoy Photos is a photoblog dedicated to showing the effects of Typhoon Ondoy, and efforts to overcome it."

You will not find paragraphs and paragraphs here. Minimal words - only locations, names of senders, and details of when it was taken. The people behind Ondoy Photos believe in letting the photos speak for themselves. And indeed, they do. Photos of everything from the rainy days and the rising water, people evacuation centers, volunteers in relief operations, to snapshots of affected places after the flood waters have subsided.

To contribute to OndoyPhotos.com, email photo / video attachments directly to post@ondoyphotos.posterous.com. Write your caption in the subject line, and include the following details: name, the date the photo was taken, and any links you would like to include.


While OndoyPhotos focused on the pictures, the Every Pinoy is a Hero blog focuses on gathering stories of the many people who have responded to the call for help of their countrymen to heroic lengths. It is a collation of all those little stories that create the national phenomenon of Bayanihan.

It is currently full of stories form the media, but we are hoping that slowly the stories of individuals will begin to come in over the next few days. I'm sure that there are many of them just waiting to be told (our found, if you've already blogged about them).

To share your own story, or links to your blogposts, email everypinoy@gmail.com.

Life After Ondoy


I particularly like the subtitle of the Life After Ondoy blog: "This is Me and You following through". Plain and simple. This blog is calling out to people not to turn this experience into an Ondoy fever of sorts that will die down just like any other fad. Ondoy should have taught us a lesson that is etched deep in our consciousness. It should not stop when the search and rescue or relief efforts are no longer needed. As a matter of fact, this blogger believes "they (the victims) needed rescuing way before the storm". I definitely agree.

Although this blog does not seem to be soliciting posts and pictures, it appears to me that the person/people behind it are very interested in cultivating a public forum on how to move on, and make sustainable changes. The blog offers a variety of ways to reach out or stay connected: facebook, twitter, delicious, digg, and stumbleupon.

A special shout out to people in the south

Many of you know that I've collated a list of drop off centers and volunteer opportunities available to the people based in Cebu. I have expressed so many times both in public discussions and in personal messages how proud I am to see the people in my hometown exhibit such empathy for us all the way in Manila. So now I'd like to make a special call for stories among all the people in Cebu. In fact, I'd like to reach out to all the people in Visayas and Mindanao, I know you all did your parts to help. Please, please, please do send in your stories and pictures. The more stories from the south, the better! Ipakita sa lahat ng tao na hindi lang sa Manila ang bayanihan!

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