Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HELP OUT! KaEskwela needs 100 schoolbags by July 2


Snapshot from the KaEskwela website.

Who they are

Here's what you can gather after a quick read-through of KaEskwela's FAQs on their website:
KaEskwela is a non-stock, non-profit organization formed in April 2007, made up of volunteers who are dedicated to helping public schoolchildren attain quality education, which will eventually help them lead better lives.
KaE talks with school officials and finds out what their needs are. So far, KaEskwela has donated books, school supplies, bags and footwear, electric fans, and computers to public schools. They have also conducted workshops on literacy for teachers, art and writing for students.
When the need arises, they also hold relief operations. They've also funded feeding programs and conducted a medical-dental mission.
What makes KaEskwela different from other education groups?
All their activities are school-based. They want to help students and their parents view going to school as a positive experience, rather than a burden.
They want to empower schools. They conduct dialogues to find out not just what KaE can give, but how they can all work together. They try to make improvements not just in things owned, but also in the skills and mindset they possess.

Find out more about them on Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, and their website.

What they need

KaEskwela: Sampaloc Elementary School in Tanay, Rizal often has empty chairs. Teachers report that a lot of their students don't regularly attend classes because their parents can barely afford to feed them, and certainly have no money for school supplies. 70% of the parents are unemployed, and a similar future may be waiting for these children if they can't get an education.

On the first or second week of July, KaEskwela will bring a generous donation--100 sets of school supplies-- to the children of Sampaloc. It would be great if the kids can put these precious supplies in their very own schoolbags.

Snapshot from the KaEskwela website.

How you can help

Help gather 100 schoolbags by July 2. They accept secondhand bags, as long as they are clean and in good condition. Email for details on when and where you can drop them off.

**Special thanks to Mabel David-Pilar for all the info.

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