Friday, July 16, 2010

How Carbon Neutral is your Blog?

When i first saw this line on a friend's twitter feed, it caught my attention immediately because I never considered the carbon footprint of a blog. I guess because it's paperless, I didn't bother to think about any environmental impact anymore. But a physicist at Harvard University, and environmental activist actually calculated the carbon footprint of one blog: average website causes about 0.02g (0,0008oz.) of carbon dioxide for each visit. Assuming an average blog gets 15,000 visits a month, it has yearly carbon dioxide emissions of 3,6kg (8lb.). This can mainly be tracked back to the immense energy usage from (mainframe) computers, servers, and their cooling systems.

The good news is that all it takes is one tree to neutralize one blog's carbon footprint.

And the even better news is that the German "Make it Green" program will plant a tree for your blog when you help spread the word! How it works:

Here’s how you can participate!

Just write a short blog post about our programme “My blog is carbon neutral” and include one of the buttons below on your site (ideally in the sidebar). Send the link to your blog to and we plant a tree for you, neutralising the carbon dioxide emissions of your blog. The trees will be planted in the spring of 2010 by the Arbor Day Foundation. For more information about how and where the trees are planted, see the NEWS section.
Just a few easy steps to make it green:
  1. Write a blog post about the initiative + insert your favourite button
  2. E-mail the link to your post to
  3. We plant a tree for your blog in Plumas’!
Note: We plant a tree for each domain. Please copy the html-code and paste it in your blog. Make sure the carbon-neutral button works, the html-code must not be changed. Use the carbon-neutral-white button for a white background or the carbon-neutral-transparent button for different colored backgrounds. If you need help, please contact We are looking forward to planting your tree!

 It's as simple as that. So I figured, why not? Carbon neutralize your blog now :D

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